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Maseno University Students Forced To Defer Learning Over HELB delays


By Jacob Oluoch

A number of Maseno University students have been forced to defer their semesters after failing to pay fee on time following delays in disbursement of HELB loans.

The delay to clear fees has seen most of them unable to sit for their September 2020 online exams or even pay for their resits.

The students claim that most of them have had no option but to defer their studies while others having no means  to get money, have opted to engage in informal activities in a bid to make ends meet.

“Delayed HELB disbursement has affected almost 80% of Maseno University and all universities at large , to some extent some of us have been forced to defer our semesters due to lack of fees,” said Lameck a communication student.

Lameck claims that some of them are even going hungry in their hostels.

There was an uproar last year after various universities in the country proposed an increment in school fees.