In Summary
  • MMUST issues a list of contraband attires.
  • In the list are micro/mini-skirts, skin-tight trousers, and ragged/torn/ripped jeans.

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) in Kakamega County has issued a list of items banned from its dress code policy imposed on its students.

In the internal memo that surfaced on Wednesday, October 11, and seen by Ghetto Radio, the institution’s Dean of Students Bernardatte Abwao raised concerns regarding the increase in what it termed as an ‘indecent dressing’ by some of its learners.

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The dean went on to advise the students regarding the importance of dressing in decent attire whenever they step onto campus grounds.

“I take this opportunity to appreciate all the students who dress decently when they come to the University. However, we have observed and noted with concern the indecent dressing by some of you.

“As a student, you are expected to dress decently in modest and appropriate attire,” read the memo in part.

MMUST went on to outlaw the following items from its dress code, terming them ‘not official’.

Micro/mini skirts
Skin-tight trousers
Ragged/torn/ripped jeans.
Tumbo-cut blouses/T-shirts.
Low-cut blouses/dresses
Micro shorts, and
Transparent dresses.

Also banned are attires that show bra straps or sleeveless T-shirts.

T-shirts with obscene writings, sagging trousers and clothing that reveals the chest, as well as ragged/torn/ripped jeans, and “crocs” were also struck out from MMUST’s dress code.

“Please note that slippers, crocs and all plastic shoes are not official wear, and should not be worn in the University,” added Abwao.

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