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Masten Wanjala’s Escape Utterly Embarrassing For the Police Service

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In the past one week the media was awash with frightening news of how a self-confessed child killer Masten Wanjala escaped from police custody.

Wanjala who was later lynched by an angry mob in Kabuchai Bungoma County on 15th of October, allegedly escaped from Jogoo Road police station Nairobi in rather unclear circumstances. He was accused of killing at least 10 children between the year 2019 and 2021 according to police records and was expected to be prosecuted at the Makadara law courts on 13th October 2021 but that never came to pass.

To salvage the situation which was now becoming  embarrassing to the police unit, Nairobi Regional Police commander Augustine Nthumbi came out to assure the public that everything was under control as they had already launched a countrywide search for Wanjala and even revealed that the officers who were on duty at the station had been arrested.

“Those officers who were on duty the day Wanjala escaped will be arrested and charged in court. They need to tell us how he escaped without their knowledge,” Nthumbii said.

This whole story paints a picture of negligence in both the Police service unit and the Judiciary as a whole. I mean I was wondering if the serial killer strolled out of the Jogoo police post or was helped and if so by who? I am also trying to find a convincing answer of as to how the judiciary could allow a serial killer to be detained at a police station for that long. Is it right for somebody arrested for such an atrocity detained in a cell knowing the kind of security in our police stations? This whole situation smacks of laxity on the part of the police because it seems laid down procedures were not followed properly regarding this high risk detainee.

You see having Wanjala a confessed killer not only mingling freely with other people being held in the police station but actually managing to escape without drama depicts a broken system that we have in the police service.

Masten was yet to take a formal plea but police said they were ready to charge him in a court of law before he disappeared from their radar. Police had linked him with over 10 murders in Nairobi, Western and Machakos. He had already confessed to killing the children when he was arrested in July 2021 in Kitengela  Kajiado county.

The escape of the self-confessed serial killer from police custody Sent shrills and chills down the spine of the parents whose children had been killed by Wanjala.


In Majengo Pumwani , Felista Wayua a mother to one of Wanjala’s victims Junior Musyoki a 12 year old boy whom Wanjala allegedly lured to his death trap while he was playing football with his friends in the estate on 9th of August 2021 said that she could not sleep over fear that the suspected killer might attack her for having him arrested.

Mimi ndio nilimshikisha na hatujui kama atalipisha grudge.mimi na mzee tuko kwa hatari kweli,” I am the one who reported him to the authorities, I am afraid that he might come for us in a revenge mission. I together with my Husband we fearing for our life’s following his escape,” she said.

She even recollected how the serial killer called her for ransom days prior his son’s death so as he could be able to release her son who was then at class six. But this did not go as planned as the mother decided to report him to Shauri Moyo Police station which led to Wanjalas arrest.

Tinega Damasen Pumwani Residence Association leader during a press briefing also urged the police to quicken his arrest adding that the parents of the victims were feeling unprotected

“The parents of the children killed by Wanjala are living in fear, they don’t know what will happen next after Wanjala’s escape,” he said.

And as the search for Wanjala was ongoing, another self-confessed serial killer and Rapist Paul Magara was arrested by detectives in Ruiru Kimbu county. According to the police the suspect together with his accomplices had been trapping his victims in toilets and other areas where one could not suspect and where he could attack then with crude objects.

“Victims that have been attacked ever since the year 2020 are about 6 and the mode of attack and injuries they sustained is from a blunt object or a knife,” Cecilia Kemboi sub county police commander Ruiru said during a press conference.




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