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Matatu Operators call for digitization of payment to wipe out corruption on the roads

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Adopting the use of technology in Bus fare collection will help clean the mess associated with the matatu industry in the country,this is according to Matatu Operators Association chairman Jimal Ibrahim.

The MOA chair said digitization in the industry will wipe out cartels terrorizing matatu operations.

“Use of technology will clean out the issue of cartels that for long has terrorized matatus because money will be going direct to the hands of the owner and also help reduce traffic jams in the city that are used by traffic officers and kanjos to siphon money from touts.” Said Jimal

Previously different cashless systems were introduced in the country but failed which is where Epesi Trip Planner has come in to sort the situation.

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The creators of the Epesi Trip Planner now guarantee that the app will work because they have involved the key stake holders in the matatu industry.

According to Mary Mwangi director at Data Integrated limited,the app will help kenyans be able to plan their days and saccos in managing fleets.

“The app will help Kenyans plan their days because it will give information on vehicle scheduling and also help Sacco have a central store of information about their fleet that is digital making it easy to know about day to day operations.”Said Mary

The pilot system of the app has already been tested with City Shuttle buses which has witnessed success.