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Matatu Operators Concerned Over Increase of Taxes on PSVs Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


Matatu operators have now raised concerns on various heavy taxes levied on them by the county governments and the Kenya Revenue Authority saying they risk collapsing the industry.

Classic Sacco Chairperson Immaculate Mugo says that the heavy levies have caused them to spend at least 50 percent of their earnings to the taxes.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio Mugo says that the other 40 percent of their earnings go to operational costs making the Matatu business unbearable.

“Despite the challenges we have been experiencing with lock-downs, high fuel prices and 60 per cent passenger capacity, the government has never reconsidered lowering the taxes levied on us… instead   fuel has been shooting…we are left with no option but to run this business at a loss,” she said.

Mugo who operates more than 40 vehicles plying the Nairobi -Central routes says that Madaraka express trains have further dealt a blow on them since many passengers are currently going for the trains.

“For now we have few passengers using our vehicles because most passengers now prefer paying Ksh. 200 to Nanyuki by train other than Ksh. 500 by Matatu… That’s also another factor killing our business.” She told Ghetto Radio News.

Meanwhile Classic sacco has reduced its fare by Ksh. 100 after the government eased social distance restrictions in Matatus allowing them to carry full capacity.


On the other hand Matatu Owners Association chairman Simon Kimutai has asked operators to ensure that all passengers observe the Covid-19 protocols.

According to Kimutai being allowed to carry full capacity is a boost and their Members should embrace that good will and ensure they do not overcharge passengers.

“The government has done well to us let us reciprocate by following strictly health  guidelines…what we must agree on is that all passengers must put on mask when in the vehicles so that we avert possible spread of corona in our public service  vehicles,’’ Kimutai said.