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Matatu Operators Directed To Hike Fares After Increase in Fuel Prices

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Public Transport Operators have directed their Members to increase bus fares by 20 percent following the latest increment in fuel prices.

Speaking to the press, Edwin Mukabanah Chairman of The Federation of Public Transport Sector says that they have been hurt economically and they do not have any option other than shooting up their fares.

“We have requested and advised all our members countrywide to adjust their fares by 20 percent. This is not something that we want, it is something that we hope the common Mwananchi will bear with us because we know it hurts but we have no choice,” said Mukabanah.

Mr. Mukabanah added that the Matatu industry has been suffering ever since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak that saw most people resort to working from home.

“The way forward is because of the increase in fuel prices across the whole country and noting that Matatu Industry and PSV industry in general has been suffering due to containment measures where people are working from home, we know that the curfew is still on and a lot of passengers are not travelling this is causing a lot of depression on our businesses just like every sector will be affected by the fuel pricing,” he added.

Dickson Mbugwa, secretary of The Federation of Public Transport Sector says that the Matatu sector has been forced to increase prices so as to help in maintaining the operations of the vehicles.


“This is in line with what all the other sectors of the economy will be forced to do… to compensate for the increased cost of operations. The increased cost has been necessitated by recurring fuel prices increases that has now apexed in the latest unprecedented increase,” he said.

He said that the Matatu operators are allowed to increase fare by 10% to 20% depending on the type of operation and the route the vehicles use.

“Since our passengers have equally been affected, PSV operators are thus justified to increase fares by a moderate 10 and 20% depending on the route type, type of operation, passenger demand and supply patters, etc,” said Mbugwa.

The Federation says that the increase in fare will stop most matatus from being parked at home while others are working.



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