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Matatu operators now want to carry full capacity


As the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise Matatu operators now want the government to allow them to carry passengers in full capacity.

According to Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai the move by government to allow trains, planes to carry full capacity is discriminatory and unacceptable.

“For the last months Matatu business has running losses due to Covid  protocols. Other sectors such as bars have opened fully yet Matatus are being held down and nobody cares whether we are making losses yet 90% of Kenyans rely on public transport.

They have further raised concern over planned lock out of Matatus from Nairobi CBD saying that the move is ill advised and that the  new terminals ( stages) created by NMS  can not accommodate all matatus

“We want to tell NMS boss to bring it down we can’t leave in threats. We can’t understand threats it must be structured because we are in businesses not thumping chest after taking tea somewhere that you want to throw out…”he said.

In an interview yesterday NMS boss Major  Badi made it clear that in ten days time no Matatu will be allowed in CBD.

“The stages are ready and in the next ten days we shall have all matatus outside CBD. They will be required to end their journey in specific termini. We shall also have specific busses which we may allow  to pass through CBD.