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Matatu operators oppose proposal to increase parking fees

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The matatu operators have opposed the increase in parking fees (seasonal ticketing) as proposed by the Nairobi City County Government.

The County Government had proposed an increase in seasonal ticketing for vehicle to help raise the this Ksh. 39 Billion Budget.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Immaculate Mugo, the chairlady of New Classic Travellers Sacco says that the increase in seasonal ticketing will greatly affect their business as they are already dealing with maintaining their vehicles and also increase in fuel prices.

“We pay Ksh. 2,000 per month for each vehicle fourteen seater and below. If they increase the prices, we will face challenges because even getting the Ksh. 2,000 is hard. When they reduced the number of passengers in the vehicle, it affected us greatly because getting the nine passengers is still hard,” says Mugo.

She has also added that people have left the business because their vehicles have been repossessed by lenders. She pleaded with the government to remove the parking fees for them.

“People have left the business because if some of the vehicles get spoiled, the owners are not able to get the spares because of lack of cash while other vehicles are taken to repay loans. If it could be possible the government could remove the parking fees for us to be able to make profit,” added Mugo.

Mugo says that the increase in fuel prices has also affected their business because they are forced to maintain their prices to get customers while the fuel prices are high.

She also added that the government’s aim to send them out of the CBD will be a way of sending them back home.

“Getting nine people has been a problem so we can’t increase our prices. The fuel prices have gone up and people cannot travel, even if we add the prices we don’t have passengers to carry.

If we are taken out of CBD we will be affected greatly because we depend on people working in the CBD and they cannot be able to walk to Ngara. This action will be like sending us back home and I would request the government look at it,” said Mugo.

She also said that the Sacco also is facing a loss because Saccos give loans to their members who fail to pay back the loans but the Sacco understand that they do not have cash.


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