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Matatu Operators Throw Covid-19 Caution Out The Window


Matatu operators have been put on the spot for flouting Covid- 19 restrictions placed by the government.

A spot check conducted by Ghetto Radio on matatus plying the the Eastlands and Thika Road routes shows a number of matatus carrying excess passengers despite the government issuing a directive for various numbers for various matatu capacities.

Most of the matatu did not have sanitizers and were carrying passengers who were not wearing masks.

Some concerned passengers  even stated that the matatu conductors are telling them that there is no corona.

“Currently there is no social distancing in matatus, we are sitting in matatus just the same way we were sitting before corona… if you raise concern about the sitting arrangement ,conductors there is no corona,” lamented one female passenger.

“We carry our sanitizers and many people only wear masks once they get town and are alighting from the matatu, not because they fear corona but only because they fear the police,” said another passenger.

However last week, the government reviewed the Covid –  19 restrictions regarding public transport.

In the new guidelines issued by Transport CS James Macharia, a 14 seater capacity will now carry 10 passengers as opposed to 8 including driver and crew.

33-seaters only allowed a sitting capacity of 18 people including the driver and crew while a 51 seater will be allowed a sitting capacity of 30 including the driver and crew.