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  • Mwendo is expressing outrage at the incident, which has left him counting significant losses.
  • The Matatu driver also feeling the brunt of the incident.

A Matatu owner, Wilberforce Mwendo is seeking justice and answers this is after his Matatu parked inside Githurai 44 police station was allegedly broken into.

Mwendo who operates a Matatu plying routes in Githurai is expressing outrage at the incident which has left him counting losses

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“Nimeenda nimepata gari imetolewa radio,battery na screen moja ya pale nyuma ya 7 inch…dere amesema kuwa anapakingi pale githurai police post…kitu niliambia dere aende aandike report nilijua atashughulikiwa haraka…kutoka 21st  hadi leo gari imesimama,” Mwendo said.

‘After dere kuenda kureport…akaniambia inspector alimuambia atashughulikia report lakini hakuna kitu imefanyika,’

The incident occurred on the night of Thursday, September 21st, when Mwendo’s driver, Peter Maico, parked the matatu at the police station after a day’s work.

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Maico dutifully paid the required parking fee, expecting the vehicle to be safe within the confines of the station.

Matatu Vandalized Twice

However, Mwendo and Maico were left shocked when they discovered that their matatu had been broken into, despite being parked at what should have been a secure location.

The thieves made away with the matatu’s battery, radio, television, and other valuable goods stored within the vehicle.

Mwendo intimates that he reported the incident to the police station, but to his dismay no action has been taken by the authorities to investigate the matter or even arrest the perpetrators responsible for the vandalism and theft.

He revealed that he is still paying off a loan taken to acquire the matatu. He alleges that the continued detention of his vehicle and the lack of action from the police are compounding his financial losses and making it difficult for him to meet his financial obligations.

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And to make matters worse the matatau was broken into while investigations were still on going.

“Nilienda police station baada ya kukaa sana ili warelease gari …hiyo siku nilishtuka screen ingine iliibiwa gari ikiwa bado kwa uchunguzi…imagine na gari iko kwa custody yao…aje sasa”

“Na battery ni ile ns120 ile ya lorry ni kubwa sana”

Peter Maico, the matatu’s driver, is also feeling the brunt of the incident. With the matatu detained and his daily job in jeopardy, he is struggling to provide for his family.

“Nilileta hii gari hapa 4am Thursday nikalipia parking, vile nilicome asubuhi nikapata vitu hakuna…wale polisi waliniambia kuwa ni mimi mwenyewe niliiba hizo vitu….mimi hupark hapa everyday…siwezi iba kwa gari yangu,”he said.

“Ile slow response imeni affect sana …sina doo ya kupea wife na watoi sahii…naomba polisi washughulikie hii kesi tu..Sioni vile mtu kutoka nje anaweza kuja kutoka nje akavandalize gari kwa polisi”

He suspects that the slow response from the police may indicate the involvement of individuals within the police station itself, leading to concerns about the integrity of the investigation.

By Judith Kanaitha



September 29, 2023

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