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Matatu Owners Threaten Mass Action, To Make Nairobi Ungovernable


Few hours after the court has quashed new parking charges by the Nairobi county government Matatu operators have now threatened to call for mass action should they be forced to pay the new parking fees.

Led by Matatu Owners association Chairman Simon Kimutai the operators faulted Parking Director Tom Tinega for secretly hiking seasonal tickets for matatus.

“We know they will try to make arrests and we invite our members to mass action into making the city ungovernable and nothing will be able to move if they make arrests…. let them prepare a yard that will host all matatus that pick at CBD …they have failed to engage us and they are killing our business let them wait until Jesus comes back.” Kimutai said.

In the new charges for matatus that operate in the CBD 14-41 seaters shall be paying Ksh. 5,250 while bigger buses will be paying Ksh. 10,000 monthly.

Tinega however maintains that the new charges were well negotiated with stakeholders involved and passed in the county assembly in the Finance Bill 2019 in late September.