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Matatus With Stages at Roundabouts in Nairobi Face Eviction


Public Transport Services will soon be barred from carrying and dropping passengers around roundabouts.

This is after Komarock MCA John Kamau introduced a motion to remove Public Transport services from roundabouts, areas illegally allocated to them by corrupt county officials.

The MCA says that should the motion be passed Kenyans will enjoy their taxes by travelling smoothly without congestions.

“I tabled the motion so that Kenyans can get to enjoy the value of their money because roundabouts should not be a place where there should be congestion but in Nairobi people use roundabouts as parking lots and also bus stops for Matatus. Kenyans are taking grants and loans so as to ensure that they reduce congestions in the city by building roundabouts but matatu operators are doing the opposite by creating traffic Jam,” said Kamau.

Mr. Kamau urged the government to designate areas for mamatus to use as bus stops which will also help in fighting corruption around the roundabouts.

“The government can look for other grounds and an area to create bus stops for matatus in order to reduce traffic jam around the roundabouts. This will also be a way to help cub corruption since police and county officers use the area as corruption sites,” he added


Bunge la mwananchi through John Mark supported the motion by the MCA saying that the traffic jam makes drivers break the rule of the roundabout.

“We would like to congratulate the MCA for talking on behalf of Kenyans because there are a lot of matatus which have taken over most roundabouts in Nairobi creating traffic Jams making drivers break rules of the roundabout,” Ababu said.

He also added that the Public transport services are pulling down the efforts of the president to end congestion in the county.

Areas affected include: Kariobangi roundabout along outering road and Alsops roundabout along Thika road.

By: Emmaline Owuor and Cynthia Kenyani.