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Mathare CEO says salaries are not to blame for team’s poor performance

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Mathare United Chief Executive Officer Jectone Obure has defended the management over the poor performance of the team.

Obure has said that lack of payment to the players is not an issue saying that just like any other club, challenges are inevitable.

Mathare fans had caused an uproar, attributing the poor performance of the team to the salary issue.

Led by super fan Simple Simon, the fans say that they do not understand how a team that landed a big sponsorship would have salary issues.

“Most of our players have resorted to doing casual jobs to eke out a living, “decried Simple Simon.

“Some are water vendors and I know of two who work in a car wash to sustain their livelihood, “he added.

He accused the management of opting to recruit inexperienced players most whom are very young and unable to fight for their rights.

He accused the CEO and the team manager who is a former player of refusing to look into the player’s welfare.

Obure has however defended the recruitment system saying that with the resources they have the best way to maintain a good team is blending the experienced with the youth.

“We have little resources to buy experienced players in the market. So with the little resources that we have, we can only afford the young players “he maintained.

He distanced himself from the recruitment and the team’s performance saying that the coach is the one in charge.

Last week they paid part of the players’ salaries and they are still in talks with potential sponsors. 

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta suspended all sporting activities in the country indefinitely due to rising cases of coronavirus.

At the time of suspension Mathare United and Vihiga United were at the relegation zone.

Fans have been baying for the blood of the officials saying that last year they lost most of their dependable players because of nonpayment of salaries despite unveiling huge sponsorships.

The team unveiled Triple 5 bet as their title sponsor but according the team manager issues arose and it was terminated.


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