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Mathare disaster waiting to happen

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Residents of Mathare Mabatini area are sitting on a time bomb following the rising water levels of Nairobi River that cuts through the slums.

The slum dwellers are living in structures constructed right next to the river and have refused to move despite several warnings from the local authorities.

Those who live there claim they cannot move for the lack of their ability to afford houses elsewhere.

“Where do they want us to move to? We only pay 2,000 shillings at the end of the month. With our meagre earnings, where do they want us to move to,” said a tenant.

Photos doing rounds on social media, show high water levels in the river, a disaster waiting to happen.

Statistics released by the Kenya Red Cross society on 4th of May indicate that more than 100 people died due to the floods.

The statistics were however released before the Solai tragedy that killed 45 people.




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