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Jefferson Muthee former dangerous criminal Mathare-born is now a free man this is after serving 10 years in jail.
Muthee was arrested in 2012 at age the age of 16 and charged with ten counts including robbery with violence.
He was accused of robbing police corporal Silas Kiptoo his Ceska Pistol firearm, money, phone and other valuables at Muthaiga drift Thika Highway Nairobi.
At 16 years Muthee had already established himself as armed and dangerous criminal. In our interview with him Muthee narrated to us how he lived large and swam on stolen proceeds.
“Mimi nilijiamini mazee kwanza siku nilichukua hiyo gun huyo sanse alibleki Mimi mwenye ndio niligundua Ako na chuma nikasogea na kumvuruga tukachukuanga Kila kitu kutoka kwake baadae tukatoroka na kuanza shughuli ,” he stated.
He was then arrested and charged with ten counts where he denied all the charges and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
In his petition of appeal, the Muthee raised several grounds of appeal challenging his conviction and sentence. He was aggrieved that he had been convicted on the basis of evidence which according to him was insufficient. He faulted the trial court for relying on the evidence of identification of a single witness which, in his view, was made under unclear circumstances. The court later dropped some charges and sentenced him 15 years to jail.
“Manze nilisuffer Mimi nilikua under 18 nakabaliana na kesi bila mtu yeyote kunisimamamia lakini baadae niliappeal na walitolea count zingine na kunipatia 15 years.Vijana uko nje mkue radar na msare ugondi Mimi kurudi mtaani ni God.Hakuna kitu poa Kwa jela.nimezunguka jela kumi na nane na manze unatumiwa kama vibaya yaani …kwanza Jela worse kabisa ni Naivasha Maximum Prison.” He narrated.
Willis Opondo Nandy alias Daddy Stitches an ex-convict has however, advised members of the public to accommodate Muthee and show him love.
According to stitches who served 20 years in jail stigmatization and lack of trust from community are major challenges in recovery journey of ex-convicts.
“We have a big challenge as a community because some of us do not believe that from prison you can be a good person again…Wazee wa Nyumba kumi please mwache kuwamezea vijana,change ni real na tutaheal sisi sote ,” he said.
By Allan Otieno


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