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  • Women react in Mathare after one of the demonstrators was allegedly shot by police
  • Police officers apprehend demonstrators who had gathered

Police officers in Mathare slums Nairobi have been exposed for disguising themselves as Journalists resulting in the easy arrest of protesters who responded to the oppositions call for demonstrations against the high cost of living.

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Plainclothes police officers arrested protesters in Mathare who had gathered following Azimio la Umoja Coalition’s leader Raila Odinga urging them to demonstrate. Protests that commenced today Wednesday till Friday this week.

The distressing video footage reveals a plainclothes police officer forcefully grabbing a young protester who was voicing his opposition to the excessive use of force by the police.

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Teenager shot in Mathare

Meanwhile a protester was allegedly shot this morning by police during the Azimio protests in Mathare.

Outraged mothers from the community have stepped forward to condemn this heinous act, particularly highlighting the tragic loss of a teenage boy who was fatally shot.

“Mbona polisi inapenda kuuwa watu ovyo ovyo…kijana amenyuria sahii…ameuliwa na makarau.this is so unfair…kijana Alikuwa andemonstrate haki zake,”

Akinyi, one of the area residents said.

Additionally six youths have sustained injuries during the ongoing protests in Mathare.

“Kuna mavijanaa wameumia mbaya sana hapa kuanzia morning….ni polisi wanatusumbua tu hapa…sisi tunademonstrate Unga bana…watuache tu,’Omondi a resident in Mathare said.

“If you see me demonstrating its because i do not have food, i am unemployed na nimesoma…na pia nademonstrate coz Raila amesema…baba amesema,”

Yesterday, The Azimio la Umoja coalition rallied Kenyans to participate in the upcoming “Sufuria movement” during their planned antigovernment protests today.

Addressing Journalists, Martha Karua, the leader of the Narc Kenya party, announced that the protests would commence at midday and continue late into the evening.

“At Midday tomorrow we ask Kenyans to come out of their homes and bang sufurias, pots and pans to signify lack of food. The Sufuria Movement kicks off tomorrow and continues until the battle is won,”she said

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