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Mathare residents for re-opening of children’s home in child trafficking case


Residents in Mathare are are calling on the government to re-open the Good Samaritan Children’s home which was shut down last year amid controversy.

Parents who spoke to Ghetto Radio said they went to the facility early this week expecting to receive Education sponsorship for their children but found the facility closed. The parents said that most of the children performed well in the national examinations but lack funds to proceed to the next level leaving them stranded.

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The children’s home was involved in a scandal last year with the owner of the facility being linked to a child trafficking case

“the closure of the facility led to it image being tainted in bad light so we cannot be able to ask for sponsorship bursaries for the children who performed well in their examination yet they require the funds to proceed to the next level of education.” said Mercy Mburu who is in charge of the facility

Mercy added that the media blew the story out of proportion as the matter is still in court and the judge had not settled it.