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Mathare residents to commence tax boycott on water

They claim the water problem is politically instigated

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Mathare residents have threatened to boycott payment of taxes to the Nairobi County and the Nairobi Water and Sewerage services.

The residents through a notice dated November 2nd say their move is informed by lack of clean water in the area for close to two weeks.

“For close to two weeks, #WeThePeople of Mathare have been denied a basic commodity that we pay tax for; Water! This has not only made normal operations difficult but also unbearable,” read the statement.

The residents feel that the neglect by the county government is largely due to their large political affiliation to the opposition.

Mathare residents largely voted for opposition leader Raila Odinga with the constituency seat being clinched by lawyer Antony Oluoch of the opposition party.

The notice which has also been addressed to the Kenya Revenue Authority is set to commence on Friday November 10th.





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