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Mathare residents using tyres to cook as charcoal prices go up

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Residents in Mathare have resorted to using car tyres as firewood to cook and keep themselves warm.

This follows the charcoal ban that has seen a bag of charcoal sell for 2,500 shillings from the 800 shillings.

Speaking to Ghetto radio Mathare police commander Kigumo Langat has said the residents are using the tyres disregarding the harm they are exposing themselves in and the environment.

“We have received reports, and we are warning them that we are coming for them,” said Langat

“These people are not only risking their lives but the lives of their children and other people around them’ he added.

Charcoal prices have more than doubled since 2008 when the tin retailed at an average of Sh35, indicating that low-income households have had to dig deeper into their pockets to cook their meals.

Destruction of Kenya’s key forests like the Mau Complex has been blamed on charcoal dealers’ pursuit of quick profits in urban centres.

Commander Langat has asked residents to find other means to keep themselves warm in this cold season and use the little charcoal available for cooking.





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