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Mathare residents warned against disobeying Government Curfew

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Police have cautioned Mathare residents against disobeying the dawn to dusk curfew.

According to the deputy county commissioner in the area, Jacob Mwaura, a section of residents have been giving the police a difficult time in their bid to enforce the curfew.

“There are some who still don’t obey the set dawn to dusk curfew. They don’t understand that we are there for their own protection. All we ask is that they get home before 7:00 pm. We are simply there to ensure that gangs do not take advantage of the curfew period to rob them.” He said

Mwaura also asked residents who have been harassed by the police while enforcing the curfew period to report to his office and file a complaint.

“We are currently investigating the few cases of harassment that were brought to our attention and we call on all those who were harassed or witnessed excessive force being used to report the cases. There are bodies that investigate excessive force by police therefore no one should fear to report such matters.” He added


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