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Mathare women recount struggles of raising children single handedly


By Jacob Oluoch

A section of women from Nairobi’s Mathare slums on Monday recounted some of the struggles they have had to endure as women even as the world grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Martha Macharia, one of the women who attended an event held in Mathare to celebrate women says that most women in the slums were left by their husbands during the pandemic.

Macharia says that they have had to struggle with bringing up their children single handedly.

Macharia says that they are also facing challenges in getting jobs as women as most employers are giving priorities to the men.

“The men left us the responsibility of bringing up our children after the pandemic ravaged the country,” said Macharia.

“Life became so hard that our husbands left us after they lost their sources of income,” she said.

Alphonce Were of Amani Peace Initiative who organized the event in Huruma gave the event a platform to showcase their talents as well as giving the psycho-social support.