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Matiang’i after “Mungiki” like cartels extorting money from Matatus


The government has vowed to go after cartels extorting money from matatu operators in the country.

Interior and National Coordination Fred Matiang’i says many matatu have fallen prey to cartels extorting money from them in order to operate in specific routes.

According to Matiang’i the cartels charge as much as 50,000 shillings in order to allow the matatus to operate.

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This comes in as the government is expected to launch a major crackdown on the roads next week to bring sanity on kenyan roads to try and curb the road accidents on the roads

Matiang’i has said its time that the laws that have been put in place for public transport to be followed to the book to avoid loosing a community due to the impunity that is in the public transport