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Matopeni Residents Slowly Rebuild After 10 Nights In The Cold


Matopeni Residents, in Starehe constituency have started to rebuild their houses afresh more than one week after fire razed down their houses.

The fire incident that left over 100 residents homeless happened on Monday 11thMarch,.

The residents say that they have been forced to rebuild their houses without any help from the government.

“People have been forced to take on the matters in their own hands because we’ve waited for help but none has been received so far,” said Julius Waweru.


“As you can see we are rebuilding piece by piece and salvaging whatever materials we can from the ruins of the fire,” Waweru added.

The more than 100 residents have been spending the last 10 nights in the cold.

“The lucky ones have been sleeping in houses of friends but everyone else has been forced to spend days and nights with no shelter. Some children have become very sick because of this. Imagine having a child who needs medical attention and at the same time is homeless?” Waweru continued.

Most belongings of Matopeni residents were lost in the fire including the wealth they had amerced over the years while living there.