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•Zuchu dropped the bombshell over the practice of buying views among Tanzanian artists.
•Maua Sama calls out Zuchu for being among the artist’s buying You Tube Views.

Zuchu has been accused by fellow diva, Maua Sama for being among the artist’s buying You Tube views.

Through a tweet, Maua Sama responded to Zuchu’s earlier statement on the same though she didn’t mention her name.

According to the nioneshe singer, Zuchu was envious of her colleagues involved in the buying of You Tube views.

“Maisha haya! Marobot yameanza kuoneana wivu” Tweeted Maua Sama

Zuchu was the first to drop the bombshell over the practice of buying You Tube views among Tanzanian artists.

Through her Instagram story, The sukari singer pondered on the practice of buying You Tube views.

“Nawaza kama msanii unasikiaje kununua viewers ni kama unajijua nafasi yako ila ndio hivyo tena unafichaficha kimoyomoyo unajisikiaje yani only in Tanzania” Wrote Zuchu

Whoever Zuchu was referring to is still unknown.

However, her statement reveals of a deeply entrenched practice.

So why would an artist buy You Tube views? Well, It creates a false impression that one has the numbers.

Relatively, People tend to flock towards what seems to sell resulting in improved margins.

Again, as much as it attracts bragging rights, Bought views cannot generate income to a creative.

The Rise Of Maua Sama

Maua Sama was discovered by rapper turned politician, Mwana Fa back in 2013.

With an ability of rapping, her star shone brighter in 2018 when she dropped the song, Iokote featuring Hanstone.

She’s among the leading female star’s propelling the Bongo Fleva sound to the world.

Some of her songs include;Wenyewe, Keep quiet and Sio Kwa Ubaya among others.

Do you agree with Maua Sama’s sentiments on Zuchu?

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