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Mavado Criticises Prime Minister For Fighting Dancehall Music

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By Steve Osaka

US based Jamaican Dancehall Star David Constantine Brooks commonly known as Mavado has lashed out at the Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness for launching an attack on dancehall music.

The Prime Minister while on a sitting at the House of Representatives took a swipe with the “violent” content in some dancehall music.

He castigated the Jamaican’s dancehall culture for being the main contributor to the high levels of violence and insecurity in the Island.

While acknowledging the artists’ freedom on reflecting on the happenings in the society he appealed to them “to place it in context”.

The sentiments seemed to have angered the ‘Coming to my room’ Star.

“Why is this man blaming crime on music?” wrote Mavado in an Instagram post which he tagged the Prime Minister Holness.

“Every Prime Minister that the pple vote in when dem get them Bloodclatt seat to work Dem fail and come point fingers. Well we pointing right back at you, what about all the grants dat you and your parliamentarians get to take care of crime billions?” he further posed.

.According to Mavado it was the Prime Minister’s duty to come up with proper ways of reducing violence and crime rate on the Island rather than pointing an accusing finger to the dancehall fraternity.

Mavado’s scathing attack on the Prime Minister was also echoed by another dancehall artist, Masicka.

The Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been known to love dancehall music which also featured immensely during his campaigns that he won with a landslide.


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