Online warrior, Maverick Aoko goes after ODM top guns and challenges society sparking mixed reactions from Kenyans.

In summary:

  • Former Standard Media Group writer makes allegations against ODM’s top guns.
  • David Osiany threatens to sue Aoko for her allegations without proof.
  • Aoko reacts to potential law suit by Osiany

Who is maverick Aoko?

Scophine Aoko, elias Maverick Aoko is a former Standard Media Group writer who gained some fame in 2016 after she reportedly wrote an exposé on the devolved government exposing civil servants in Migori county.

Her recent social media outbursts have once again brought her to the big stage, as she
aggressively defends and promotes her views and convictions on her social media platforms.

Indeed, Maverick Aoko has a lot to say, claiming she’s writing an exposé on some of her previous acquaintances, some in government, she didn’t mind spilling some beans to get Kenyans on Twitter talking.

Maverick Aoko chooses Violence.

Her egregious claims caused a stir on the social media platform leading to former CAS David Osiany threatening to sue her for defamation.

Kuna watu who thought I was clowning

Until I told Osiany, *sue me*

Then wakajua, oops, huku there might be evidence

Kuna watu who said I should be put on suicide watch…Others said nimechizi

People tweeted things. Others are here to watch me become bladi fakin

Ni sawa 😊— Maverick Aoko (@AokoOtieno_) May 8, 2023

Some of her allegations are that her and the Ex-CAS were intimate once and that she “fueled his campaign cars”.

Aoko responds to threats of being served.

Although no proof has been provided for these claims, social media has proven to be a dawn of reconing for the “untouchable”.

I imagine back in the day all you had to worry about as a public figure was the newspapers’ take on your deeds. Today, everyone with a smartphone has a say on what you’re doing. Especially when it’s funded by taxpayer money. Deputy Cabinet Secretary Millicent Omanga only recently got dragged into a frenzy after a video leaked though her identity wasn’t confirmed.

The former Standard Media Group writer also states that she was somewhat sexually harassed during her time at ODM. Adding that her current job at Kenya Kwanza is doing good for her. The KK team are also reportedly paying her fees and is literally a phone call away.

K.O.T reacts

Of course, Kenyans have mixed reactions when it comes to Maverick Aoko. Some think she couldn’t make all this up and is surely telling a story here. On the other hand, others think that her claims will only be considerable with proof.

I thought it’s responsibility of every parent to educate their children but one Maverick Aoko said that responsibility on her education was given to ODM.

When ODM refused, she turned to UDA to fund her degree

Dear parents, let’s educate our girls.

Stage 2 50 CAS Edga Obare— Eng Victor Okuna (@EngVictor_Okuna) May 9, 2023

“Mtu alitembea uchi kwangu hawezi nitumia lawyers,” Maverick Aoko reacts after being served by @DavidOsiany‘s lawyers.

Huyu mama ni kilipwa amelipwa kuharibu MAJINA ya watu.

Hassan Mugambi Michael Olunga Makena— Daniel Ke™ (@danyuga80) May 9, 2023

Who is hurting our KOT queen,Hon, headmistress, chair lady Maverick Aoko? Osiany please don’t sent lawyers. Fund Aoko Have a conversation. It will help syombua too. It’s getting nasty here— Bitter Taxpayer 🇰🇪🌍🇺🇸 (@StamonjaMc) May 8, 2023

Information is power. Propaganda is the next frontier.


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