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Mbaya wetu, From Fake doctor to MCA

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mbayaCelebrated author Ken Walibora in his book Mbaya Wetu highlighted the levels at which people go to embrace a vice when the perpetrator is from their turf. That sin is forgiven and baptized otherwise when it touches our circles. Last weekend saw an unfolding of what must have been a prophecy of this novel that many relate with. Ronald Kiprotich Melly, the 28 year old quack doctor who was accosted for practicing medicine without any prior qualification was released on a bond of shs.500,000

Kiprotich who hails from Tinderet received a heroic welcome over the weekend with his kinship coming out in large numbers to embrace a son who according to them had done them proud for performing successful surgeries and managing to be famous while at it. If you were looking for a cue to be over the top irritated and appalled at how our society has become a bunch of impunity apologists then this should be it.

Melly was charged with three counts of forgery of documents, practicing medicine without a license or being registered and impersonation of a medical officer. Until his arrest he had acted as the superintendent of Meteitei Sub county Hospital in Nandi, carrying out at least 21 minor surgeries and 9 deliveries through caesareans sections with one leading to the death of the mother.


That such a person is celebrated for being a cheat, risking the lives of Kenyans and ridiculing the esteemed medical profession tells a lot about the people we have become. It arouses a saddening memory of when the post election victims and IDP’s were put through ridicule and pain by the Hague bound army that overtook and pulled stellar performances on the ‘victims’ role. They held prayer rallies and were glorified for being strong. All this while the real victims languishing in torn tents starving. Another of such that cannot go unmentioned is the ‘pangani 6 series’ that urinated on the ‘Kapenguria 6’ spirit and heritage. Who are we again?


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