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Mbogi Genje, KRG The Don In Bitter War Of Words Over Ownership Of Song


Sheng Masters Mbogi Genje are embroiled in a bitter war of words with dancehall star Krg the don over the ownership of their collaborative song dubbed ‘Zible’.

Speaking a fortnight ago during an online engagement with You Tuber Nicholas Kioko, Mbogi Genje frontman Smady Tingz also known as the General, stated that KRG requested for a feature in the song and later went ahead uploading the song on his channel without the group’s permission.Smady went ahead and reminded KRG that no amount of insubordination can pull them down.

“Hiyo doba KRG alikuwa anataka featuring lakini sasa after featuring na akapromise kutengeneza vida aliamua after hiyo vida ikuwe edited akaipost zile za kimauru unaona sasa tukamkuta tukamuuliza ‘mzing hii doba unaipost aje na hauna consent yetu unaona, yeye mahali yuko akaange tu akijua mbogi genje itabaki kuwa mbogi genje na hakuna siku tutarun out of lyrics” Said Smady Tingz

The song was later pulled down from KRG’s channel after the group sought intervention from YouTube.On the other hand, KRG fought back and had the song reinstated on his channel maintaining that he funded the whole project.

” siku ya shoot pia wasee walikam tukakaa vizuri, waka treatiwa vizuri, wakakula, wakapiga drinks hizo vitu zote zina cost pesa na hizo vitu hakuna mahali walilipia, zote ni mimi nilibear hiyo cost so when you want to own music first think of how much you’ve incurred as cost of production “Stated KRG

On being offered a collaboration, KRG refuted the claims as pure lies.He stuck to his guns for being the brains behind the track branding the group a bunch of drug addicts.

” those are just lies na naambiaga vijana avoid mihadarati, usitumie mihadarati sana mpaka ukuwe in a comfort zone” Added KRG partly in his statement.

Mbogi Genje’s Rate Card .

Away from the noise, Mbogi Genje also revealed their rate card. They don’t come cheap, to have them one needs to part with 300k.Smady confirmed pocketing the same amount at the Azimio La Umoja event at Kasarani.

In the meantime the song in contention ‘Zible’ is also available on Mbogi Genje’s channel, in one week it has garnered 50k views.The one posted on KRG’s has 76k views after one month.We leave the comparison to the fans,who’s heavier than who?

By Steve Osaka