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Mbogi Genje responds after a group from Soweto claimed they stole their lyrics


Sheng masters Mbogi Genje have broken their silence following a viral video of a group from Soweto slums claiming they stole their lyrics.

The group led by an upcoming rapper known as Stoopid Boy alleged that Mbogi Genje took advantage of them on their quest for fame and left them in the cold.

The ‘wamocho’ hit makers have denied having any association with the group referring to them as Loners, who they say were just clout chasing.

“We have said time and time again that we have no affiliations with any gang groups. We indeed know them since we are in the same hood, but we have had no other business associations with them,” they said

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The group further added that the whole incident is based on ‘Ghetto mentality’ where youth in the slum areas want to ride on the fame of their colleagues who work hard everyday.

“It would be important to kill this ghetto mentality where the youth are not happy when their peers make it. Tuinuane, hii ng’ombe ni kubwa sana Mbogi haiwezi maliza,” they added

The Soweto slum group’s video was first shared by Youtuber Mungai Eve who called out Mbogi Genje for leaving their peers high and dry after making it in the music industry.