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  • Mbosso, Billnass and Whozu have had their bans lifted with the options of paying a fine following their dispute with BASATA.
  • The trio received a hefty punishment following their song ‘Ameyatimba’ which was termed ‘Explicit’.
  • BASATA has ordered for the song to be pulled down from social media platforms.

Mbosso, Billnass and Whozu have had their ban from musical activities lifted with the fine payment in effect.

The trio had a consultative meeting with the Minister Of Culture, Arts and Sports Dr. Damas Ndumbaro, his deputy, rapper Mwana Fa and BASATA officials.

Whozu will pay a fine of 5 Million, Billnass 1 Million with Mbosso coughing 3 Million Tanzanian shillings.

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Their earlier ban from musical activities will be forgone as soon at the fine payment is effected.

However, Whozu was directed to pull the song from all social media platforms.

Dr. Ndumbaro further appealed to the artists and the whole industry to adhere to the set guidelines.

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Repeat Offender

He noted that Whozu got a warning from the music watch dog after releasing the song’s teaser.

The artist did not heed to the warning which included paying a fine of 1 million which he’s yet to pay.

Even after the warning, Whozu turned his back releasing the song’s video afterwards.

According to the Minister, the video was ‘dirtier’ than the teaser.

In that regard, as a repeat offender Whozu’s previous fine of 3 million was pushed to 5 million.

However, his 6 months ban from musical activities was lifted until he pays up the fine.

Mbosso who admitted to wrongdoing by featuring on the ‘dirtiest’ segment got his 3 month ban lifted with the 3 million fine effected.

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Billnass had his 3 million fine slashed to 1 million for not being directly involved.

His 3 month ban also got lifted.

Others who are also set to face the music include the video director, composer and the creative director.

Present at the meeting was controversial rapper, Nay Wa Mitego who was handed a booklet of the set guidelines as well as Mbosso, Billnass and Whozu.

The ban would have led to loss of business considering the artists are currently minting millions through performances over the on-going festive season.

November 15, 2023

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