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Mbosso disowned by Baby Mama’s Family during her funeral

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Bongo star Mbosso found himself in an awkward spot after his alleged baby mama’s family disowned him during her funeral.

The singer who had attended Martha’s funeral on Friday had to watch as her family publicly claimed she did not leave behind any child.

Mbosso however says that it is not the first time the family has disowned him but hopes that for the sake of his child things will work out.

“Nimeshiriki mazishi (ya Martha) familia yake isingeweza kunizuia kwa sababu inafahamu nini kinaendelea kati yangu nay eye. Kitendo ch kunikana si kipya na nilitarajia watafanya hiyo kwa sababu walishanikana siku nyingi” Mbosso said

Last week Mbosso shocked many after revealing that he has a baby mama named Martha who had passed on.

According to his emotional condolence message, the two of them had agreed to keep their relationship and their child a secret because of Mbosso’s career.

Martha died last Wednesday after a short illness.


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