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  • MC Fullstop makes radio comeback.
  • Fullstop’s comeback comes three weeks after he gave a promising health update.

Reggae sensation John Maina popularly known as MC Fullstop has made an exceptional comeback on the airwaves.

Fullstop’s comeback comes three weeks after he gave a promising health update.

MC Fullstop, known for his captivating performances on both radio and TV, displayed his unwavering dedication to his craft, even in the face of adversity.

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Despite his hoarse voice, which has been affected by his health condition, he delivered a memorable show, leaving listeners in awe of his resilience.

During his on-air appearance, the reggae icon expressed his pride in returning to the airwaves, taking a moment to address those who doubted his ability to recover.

Fullstop confidently called out the naysayers who had dismissed his chances of making a comeback, showing them that he is stronger than ever before.

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Throughout his illness, MC Fullstop had to confront the unfortunate spread of false rumors about his passing that circulated online.

However, he remained dedicated, putting an end to these meaningless claims and focusing on his recovery.

The news of MC Fullstop’s comeback has been met with widespread celebration and support from fans and industry peers alike.

Many have taken to social media to express their joy and admiration for the artist, applauding his strength and perseverance.

The artist had previously disclosed his battle with tuberculosis (TB) in 2021, which had significantly impacted his lungs.

In 2022, he faced another setback when diagnosed with TB of the throat, affecting his ability to speak, run, walk, and perform daily activities.

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