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MC Jesse Confirms Divorce Claims

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Popular comedian MC Jesse has confirmed that he is no longer together with his wife Nkirote with whom they have a son together.
The comedian said that even at the time of their marriage in 2010 their relationship was not all rossy but it is only untill 2012 that they decided to take a break. He added that his private life has always been keenly hidden and it is only his close friends and family members who knew about the strained relationship.
MC Jesse stresses that he is still good friends with his ex wife and they even raise their son together saying that he is saddened by the fact that bloggers keep resurrecting the issue.
On dating Shix Kapienga, he says he and Shix met at Hot 96 and also through Churchill Raw and started off as friends before it took a turn and they became a couple. He says he is however not happy that her name is constantly being rubbished as a home wrecker saying that she loves his son and did not do anything of the sort as the relationship with Nkirote had already hit rock bottom.
He says he did not leave his wife for Shix because his main focus was on his career and business but he later felt the need to move on and that is how things came to be with Shix.

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