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MC Sharon Opens Up About Her Life As A House Help And A Fisi Husband

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MC Sharon a.k.a Sharonte is one of Kenya’s many upcoming artists that have embraced Kenyan hip hop.

At the age of 20 years she says she started spitting her rhymes at the age of ten in her old neighbourhood Dandora phase two.

She narrates how she first heard Fred Omondi doing a free style rap at one event in her hood and decicided she too wanted to rap. This received critism from her friends who laughed at her discouraging her but she decided she wont stop.

Sharon was raised by a single dad and who sold charcoal for a living and was very strict and anti-talent as she terms it.

Through her journey Sharon has worked as a houselp just to raise money to kickstart her career. She says she had to quit her house hustle after the man of the house developed interest in her and the lady became harsh towards her.

She is currently working with producer El Shaddow of 32 empire in Dandora phase 4 to record her music.

She says she once had a beef with Jana kuliendaje hit maker Mejja but that has soon been sorted.

The journey has not been easy for Sharon but she says she is managing.

She has a day hustle at Feloz pedicure in Dandora where she earns a little to help steer her music career.

Sharon says she doesnt really draw her inspiration from Kenyan artists but admires the works of Octopizzo, Abass and bamboo.

She says Kenya should watch out for her soon as she will be releasing her mixtape.



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