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MCA flies to Dubai after initiating arrests of Mlango Kubwa Youths


Parents in Nairobi’s Mlango Kubwa area are appealing to the area MCA Patricia Mutheu to help them secure the release of their children after they were arrested during a protest that saw a number of property damaged.

The youths were allegedly protesting against the MCA Mutheu’s move to give out jobs to youths who do not come from the ward.

The parents from Mlango Kubwa claim that they had agreed to settle the matter out of court but  Mutheu allegedly went behind their backs and had the 16 youths arrested.

“The incident happened last week on Thursday, we went to the police station on Thursday and we agreed that we shall settle the matter amicably. The Thursday visit was followed by another meeting on Thursday where we agreed to meet with the MCA on Monday,” said one of the parents.

“When we got to the police station all the 16 boys were arrested and handcuffed contrary to wahat we had agreed on the week,” the parent says.

The 16 youths were arraigned at the Makadara Law Court on Monday and were charged with damage of property. They were later released on a bond of 200,000 but are unable to secure their released.

The parents claim that their efforts to reach out to the MCA to help address the matter are futile.

“We are only told that the MCA is out in Dubai. Some of those boys are still in police cells because most of their parents are unable to pay the cash bail,” he states.

The According to the parents, their attempts to reach out to the MCA to have the youths released went futile.

Efforts to reach the MCA were unsuccessful, her phone was not going through.