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MCAs Blamed For Delayed County Government Bursaries


Needy parents who have been depending on Nairobi county government bursaries to boost school fees for their children have become desperate and impatient following delays that have marred the remittance of bursary funds to schools.

Elizabeth Bondo a Kariobangi resident told Ghetto Radio News that the Nairobi County Government bursary kitty has become unpredictable and it is affecting the needy students that totally depend on it.

“It is no longer business as usual a single bursary can take a year before it is delivered and at some point the money is wired after a student has dropped out of school because of fees,” Bondo told Ghetto Radio News.

“We have suffered a lot sometimes that’s the only hope you have,” another parent said.

Staff at Nairobi bursary committee who sought anonymity told Ghetto Radio News that the delay is on the MCAs side accusing them of taking too long to return the bursary forms.


“The problem is with members of the county assembly is that they don’t return these forms in time. We do give them timelines but dealing with politicians is something else. Another thing even if a ward has returned its forms on time we cannot process, we must wait for the rest of the wards to finalize so that we process all of them and request the funds in total,” he said.

Meanwhile Makina ward MCA Solomon Magembe has applauded the Deputy Governor Ann Kananu for boosting the bursary funds for MCAs by Ksh. 1 million.

The MCAs were previously awarded Ksh 3.5 million for the bursary but it was boosted by Ksh. 1 million to make it at 4.5 million shillings in a single financial year.

“We are happy that the bursary mount has been increased .We fought for this and we are glad that the County Government listened to our request,” said Magembe.