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MCSK explains the Ksh.2500 sent to Kenyan artistes


Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) on Wednesday responded to artistes rant regarding the ksh.2500.

Many artistes took to social media to air out their frustration to the body in charge of Collecting royalties in public performance and broadcasting, on behalf of its members and to distribute the same to its members.

The body was forced to respond to singer King Kaka who was among the many artistes that called out the body.

In a tweet, MCSK explained that they have not received any money from any broadcasters who exploit local music adding that the best way was to do a general distribution

“We made a general distribution because if we strictly followed scientific distribution then 70% of the money collected will be paid to the international societies. We all know that Kenyan music receives little airplay. The figures you’d received would be less.” Read the tweet

For the longest time MCSK has been at war with Kenyan artistes regarding distribution of royalties.