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MCSK Slaps Abbas Kubaff With Kshs. 89, See Why??


abbas_kubaff_2Remember that MCSK-Elani story that provoked reactions from all over the music industry not to say  raising countless questions regarding how the Music Copyright board handles artistes money??

Let me take you back . MCSK is a national board put in existence to make sure that Kenyan musicians make money from their art. The board collects money from all moving vehicles, media houses,clubs and events day in day out. Apart from that,it also governs all moneys generated from Skiza tunes.

So after launching and establishing  a successful  band in 2013,2014 and 2015, Elani allegedly pocketed 31,000 Kshs from MCSK despite their hits dominating the airwaves for a long time -something that shocked many.

Artistes such as Ringtone,Avril,Kidis are the few who have been bold to raise their voices over what they claim to be underpayment.

So the list has a new member. Crying foul of MCSK. Apparently,MCSK finally received money from Safaricom to pay artistes for their Skiza tune but no one would expect an artiste in the calibre of Abbas to have earned 89 all that time.

See what he posted in fury;

“Still in shock mode…went to Music Corruption Society of Kenya (M.C.S.K.)and the bloody accountant had the nerve to pull out a document that stated my skiza tunes payment is 89 kenya shillings…WTF?????”

89 Kshs???? For Skiza tunes payment?? Where are Abbas Kubaff’s fans???