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Mechanics in Umoja set to lose jobs in NMS evictions


A section of mechanics in Nairobi’s Umoja area are protesting an eviction notice issued to them by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

The residents claim that NMS only gave them a 24 hour notice to evict them from the garage which is next to Umoja Market.

The more than 70 mechanics claim that NMS is proposing to build a health center in the area.

According to them, a health center is currently not a priority to them since the area already has more than five health centers.

“We have five hospitals here including one public health center and mama Lucy Hospital,” cried Stanley Umoja Residents Association Chairman.

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“We are smelling suspicion here. Why did they not give us proper notice? We needed at least a three month notice,” stated another resident.

The garage currently accommodates more than 70 mechanics and if the plan is implemented all of them will be rendered jobless.

The mchanics claim that they have used the space for more than 15 years and eviction without relocation will be unfair to them.

“We have secured this place for 15 years from the hands of land grabbers and evicting us without consutations will not be fair,” stated Njoroge.

The have vowed to stay put in the area and stop any project from taking place.