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Mechanic’s sad quest for justice after torture by police


A 29 year old mechanic in Nairobi’s Industrial area is crying for justice after he was allegedly tortured and harassed by police officers in Embakasi Police Station.

Joshua Otieno Odhiambo says that he was picked from his garage by the police and a former client and taken to the police station.

According to Odhiambo, the bone of contention was that he had confiscated the client, Mwangi Mureithi’s car keys after he refused to pay him his Ksh. 73.000 for repairing his car.

“Mureithi gave me his car to fix for him, after fixing I called him to come pick. Upon arrival he asked me whether he will be going home with the car or not. I told him that we need to test the car but he walked away,” he narrates.

“He went to the police station and reported that I had refused with his car keys. They then came to my work place with police officers and arrested me,” he further says.

Otieno says that the police officers who picked him did put him in a cell but instead took him to an office where they tortured him using handcuffs.

“When we reached Embakasi police station, they took me to their offices and not the police cell. I was asked to give out the key and when I refused they tightened the handcuffs till I gave in and called my wife to bring the keys. After giving them the key, they put up a gun on my head and forced me to start the car with the machine since it could not start,” he added.

Otieno was then forced to pay cash bail of Ksh. 7,000 from the initial Ksh. 20,000 but was not given a cash bail receipt nor was his case opened.

When he reported the matter to the Central Police Station, he was referred back to Embakasi Police Station where he filed a case and was given an OB number.

According to Otieno when Mureithi was summoned to the police station he bragged about the wealth he has and still refused to pay the money.

“When he was summoned at the police station, he came and we were told to talk and reached an agreement but he just bragged of all the wealth he has. When we were taken to the OCS, he was asked to bring the car back to the police station but he has still not brought back the car and has not picked up his phone ever since,” commented Otieno.

After failing to get justice at the Embakasi Police Station, he went to the Internal Affairs where he was listened to and told that he would be called back.

He is requesting for justice to get back the Ksh. 73,000 he used to repair the car as he was given some spare parts on credit.

 “I am requesting for justice to be taken in order for him to pay me. He owes me Ksh. 73,000 and some of my belongings that were in his car. My friend who lends me things and I pay when the work is done wants his cash and has since refused to lend me materials for use,” said Otieno.