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  • Medical intern convicted for promoting terrorism activities 
  • He had planned to unleash biological attack in a river in Makueni County 

A medical intern has been found guilty of promoting terrorism activities.

Mohammed Abdi Ali was found guilty by presiding Magistrate Martha Mutuku of using his social media account to advance terrorism activities of the ISIS and linking youths with other militants in Libya.

Reports indicate that the convict was arrested on April 29, 2016 on suspicion that he was a member of a terrorist cell of the Islamic State terror group that was involved in radicalisation and recruitment of university students as well as planning large scale attacks, including a biological attack in Kenya using anthrax.

However, their plan to unleash the alleged biological attack were foiled by investigative agencies.

The court also found him guilty of association with the terorr group.

On another count, he was found guilty of using his account to recruit for the terror.

Abdi and his wife Nuseibah Mohammed alia Ummu Fidaa were charged with ten counts of charges related terrorism activities.

However,Nuseibah was aquited of all charges.

While delivering judgment,the magistrate said that Mohammed used his multiple social media accounts overwanelmingly to advance terrorism.

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The court noted that evidence adduced the DPP pointed out that Abdi was always in communication with the outlawed Islamic States of Iraq and Syria( ISIS).

The court will sentence him on April 22.

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