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Meet Africa’s Darkest Woman, Khoudia Diop Who Was Nicknamed “Darky” But Now Making Millions.


khoudiaKhoudia Diop 19,has been bullied her entire life because of her dark skin. But instead of taking those hateful comments to heart, she learned to embrace her complexion which in return has earned her a modeling career.

She has only been modeling for two years but has gained quite a following on social media, boasting over 240,000 fans on Instagram Instagram alone. Here, she shares images of herself as well as beauty tips  and screenshots of racist comments.

There is time a certain anonymous woman blasted on Khoudia on social media saying that if she had such dark skin, she would “triple bleach her soul because her reflection would have  scared her own self.”

Khoudia laughed it off.

“Waking up and seeing my chocolate ass in the mirror is the first thing I do everyday and I can tell you how priceless it is to me and how bad I want to marry myself everytime I see my smile in the mirror. It doesn’t scare me at all because it is who I am and I love it,” Khoudia told the

She also added that  she wants “to inspire othrr young women of color and empower them. I want them to know that they can do and be anything they dream of.” She also believes that there should be more diversity on runways.(Designers, are you listening?)

Khoudia was once nicknamed “darky” or “daughter of the night” by racist bullies but that never stopped her. She was noticed two years ago by two photographers whilst in Paris,France and that was the beginning of her modelling career.

Khoudia should meet Sidika, dont you think??

And oh, she has since nicknamed herself the “Melanin godess”. But why, her color is proudly Charcoal Black (rich in melanin) and the SMILE….oh the smile,just like a godess.

Check her out;

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