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Meet Beyonce’s Bootylicious Cousin Who Is Turning Heads (Pics)


Beyonce-cousinA photo bearing top songstress,Beyonce and her cousins has since gone viral thanks to one cousin’s derriere.

Social media,Instagram and Twitter to be precise has caused a huge uproar after Kristina Douglas,Beyonce’s cousin took a photo with the star during their uncle’s burial and posted it on her IG page.

According to social media gurus,Kristina Douglas is far much hotter than Beyonce and that her big derriere and looks will make you forget Beyonce is the star  or even if she is in the photo in the first place.

The single photo has caused a huge difference in Kristina’s life as her Instagram followers flock have magically switched from 2,000 to 61,000 followers.

The nurse and mother of two is the new social media sensation outdoing her Superstar cousin by far and “International Team Mafisi” members drooling on her goodies like;

“Daaamn,Am sorry about your uncle’s death Kristina,but where have u been hiding a that long. God is good,” read one comment on Instagram.

Check out Kristina in the blue dress and the reactions provoked so far;