Meet Bridgit Bema 10 year old giving Kenyan comedians a run for their money

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Just a few days ago Nigerian comedian Emmanuela broke the internet when she presented her mother with a new house she had built for her.

Well young Emmanuela’s long running comedy reign in Africa might come to an end if this new Kenyan sensation is anything to go by.

Bridgit Bema, has for the better part of today been trending on Twitter winning accolades from social media users across Africa for her rib cracking short videos.

Ten year old Bema was thrust in the limelight by Comedian YY who is also her brother.

Her funny clips titled “When you are late for school”, “When You Are In Every Mistake In School” have entertained netizens across Africa since they duly reflect the daily lives of school going children.

YY in a past post revealed how his followers fell in love with his younger sister and described her humour as original and different.

This year, the comedian celebrated the young girl during her 10th birthday by opening her a YouTube Channel.