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Meet couple that got married after dating for only two weeks


Two love birds, Ronny Boke and his wife Faith Agneta have shared their love story on how they got married after dating for only two weeks.

The two Boke and Agneta aged 26 and 27 years old say that they would spend every night getting to know each other for the two weeks they dated.

 “We dated for two weeks but the entire night we were always together. Hatukukuwa tunalala for one week akitoka job tukona yeye mpaka 4 am anaenda kwake anaoga anafreshen up anaenda job,” said Faith.

Mr Boke said that he knew that the two were meant to be because they had a lot in common and that they sacrificed a lot of time to be together.

He also said that he proposed to his now wife two weeks after they met during his birthday celebration.

Actually nilipropose two weeks later on my birthday, two weeks frmom the day we meet. I was sure ni huyu ndio the right one. The relationship hatukukuwa tunastruggle kujuana na most of the time tulikuwa tunasacrifice time yetu tujuane na the chemistry between us was also visible. And another thing we had a lot of things in common,” says Boke.

Agneta on the other hand says that the reason she also decided to get married with Ronny is because Ronny had a good relationship with the son.


“I did not get comfortable at first but the kid himself alikuwa comfortable nayeye na walikuwa friends within two day. I told him about the father of my child and apparently the two know each other because they used to play basketball together and we talked about the whole story after our engagement,” she said

The couple has also revealed that they lost their second child last month that led to the hospitalization of Agneta.

“Alikuwa amekam, but this is the first time we are coming out on it. We lost our baby last month so I was in the hospital for like a month so that was our second baby we already had our second baby,” she said.

They also said that the two moved out for their own houses and into a new environment in order to start life a fresh life.