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Meet Crazy Kennar’s Hot Girlfriend, Natalie Asewe


Comedian Kennedy Odhiambo AKA Crazy Kennar’s girlfriend has finally been revealed to the public.

The hot Natalie Asewe who has for quite some time avoided the limelight was brought to the limelight by a social media follower who wanted to clear the air about Kennar dating Cartoon Comedian.

Kennar and Cartoon yesterday wore matching Vitengee to the Base Event by Safaricom.

The two comedians went ahead and posted a picture of themselves at their respective Instagram account captioning it ‘MAPENZI YA 30!!!’

However a follower who ois privy to Crazy Kennar’s dating life refuted the caption and stated that Crazy Kennar is dating his childhood friend Natalie Asewe.

Crazy Kennar with his hot girlfriend Natalie Asewe PHOTO/COURTESY

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According to the unknown source, the two have known each other ever since primary school and even started dating then.

Natalie in previous instagram posts posted a photo of them to with a caption “12years ♥️?.” Kennar on the other hand replied with “And still counting???Baby Girl??urefu to ndio upunguze????.”

Natalie has been posting her pictures with Kennar and also appearing with the members of the Crazy Kennar crew but it did not hit Kenyans that the two are dating.

The comedian on the other hand has not been posting the young entrepreneur but has been supporting her business Asewe Vogue.

The girlfriend is also the manager at his new restaurant ‘Instant Delicacies located at Juja square.