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Meet Diamond Platnumz Alleged Father and What Diamond And The Mum Did To Him (Pics)


Diamond3Its been 9 years since Diamond Platnumz joined the industry and y’all can testify his hard work is the reason he is the only Rolls and Royce artiste from East Africa.

When fame comes in handy everyone wants to be associated with you.

During a media interview in 2014,Diamond said that his dad left his mum when he was 6,leaving his mum to raise him all by herself. He even stated that he had to secretly sell his mom’s precious ring to afford paying recording fee at the studio.

News reaching our desktop now has it that a man by the name Abdul Juma is claiming to be Diamond’s biological dad.

During a local Tanzanian show at Clouds Fm,”The Weekend Chat Show”,Mr.Juma lamented bitterly how Diamond and his mother locked him out of Baby Tiffah’s 40th day Face revelation despite him being in constant communication with Sandra-Diamond’s mum.

Mr.Juma claims that he learnt about this in the papers later on.

Additionally,Mr.Juma defends himself saying despite their misunderstandings,Diamond’s mother shouldn’t push him away from his son,bearing in mind he also raised him arguing that a parent is never wrong.

He talks about loving his son so much and the admiration he has on his(Diamond) hard work to become big and better each day.

“There’s nothing that equals the pain I felt when I missed out on the little one’s celebration. I remember receiving a phone call informing me that my son (Diamond) had gotten a baby, but it wasn’t on the fortieth day after she was born. I was deeply hurt. I shed torrents of tears; I wasn’t invited.
I am urging (Diamond’s mum) not to sideline or forget about me. I form part of his success considering I also raised him (Diamond).”

“I love him very much. If there’s something wrong I committed against them, I humbly apologise. A parent is never wrong. He should nonetheless continue to work hard,” Mr.Juma concluded.

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