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Meet Kawangware Teen Reforming Drug Addicts Using Film

A teenager from Kabiro in Kawangware area has taken it upon himself to reform drug addicts and nurture young talents in his area through film making.

19 year old Victor Melab a Form Four student at Dagoretti Mixed Secondary School started an acting team by the name Young Entertainers that he uses to mentor and nurture young talents.

Melab says that he started the team he was fresh in high school and little did he know that he would also use it transform teenagers drowning in drug addiction through his platform.

“It started of as comedy then one young man approached me and told me that we can actually collaborate and do comedy together. That’s when I realized that so many youths have talents,” says Melab.

According to Melab, the first group of people he helped transform was a group of people known as 56 Brothers.

“The first group of people I met are the 56 Brothers. I was so afraid of facing them because you look at them and they look like they are intoxicated in drugs,” he said.

“But I gathered courage and approached them and told them what I was doing. They then became interested after they heard that I was talking about talent,” he said.

Ezekiel Oduor, one of Melab’s mentees says that the initiative has kept him busy and off pointless activities.

“ I became a member of this group in 2020 and so far the progress is good. When I am not with my team, i get the urge to engage in pointless activities and to avoid being idle, I always come for our meetings which we hold on Sundays.” Shares Ezekiel Oduor one of Victor’s mentees.

He adds that he is grateful that he fought the temptation to engage in drugs like some of his friends.

Melab’s biggest challenge is his age because many people view him as their peer who cannot advise them about life.

Melab has so far managed to mentor 52 youngsters from the ages of 8-21 years. The youngsters respectfully refer to him as Director Victor.

The title ‘Director’ did not come by chance but by the fact that he actually writes scripts, shoots and edits short films for his team using his mobile phone.

He then uploads the short videos on their YouTube channel (VY ENTERTAINERS).

“I joined Vy Entertainers recently since i saw that they were doing a great job. I am yet to work on a video with the team but I am looking forward to it,” shared Ivy Kasei one of the newest members in the team.

By Stella Anyango