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Meet Kenyan musician who allegedly used Sh. 160 million to bleach


Controversial musician Sheldi Gorgeouz caused a stir online on Tuesday February 6th when he openly revealed that he had lightened his skin.

The singer uploaded a before and after photo claiming to have coughed 160 million Kenyan shillings to have the procedure done by different doctors abroad.

The singer cautioned those saying he had bleached to reffer to the procedure as brightening instead. He says he consulted three doctors and had a special cream made for him and that he has copyrighted it as his own.

“I had to hire three physicians, one from China, the other one from London, and my main physician from New York City. They manufactured a special body cream just for me, and it’s my copyright. No one else uses the cream, unless with my permission and authority,” He wrote

Sheldi who a some point was a one hit wonder, went ahead to brag about the money he had spent on the procedure and how he was now very comfortable in his skin.

“Yes, I did skin brightening. I spent 165 Million Kshs (Kenyan Shillings) it’s a lot of money but I achieved what I wanted. My skin brightening process took place in the United States, but I thank God it was successful,” He added

The musician who came to the limelight back in 2011 has since gone into modeling.