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Meet Kisumu’s Graduate Sweeper

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We all want to live a fulfilling life after years of hardwork, blood and sweat in seeking education.

However, this is not the case for Porter Maikuru who excelled from his days at Arya Primary school in Kisumu proceeded to Kisumu Boys and then to institutions of higher education at Kenyatta University and The Kenya Utalii College.

 “Am Porter Maikuru am in Kisumu City specifically i come from Mamboleo, I went to school at Arya under Mrs. DeSouza then went to Kisumu Boys under Obare Awuora then Kenyatta University and then finished at Kenya Utalii College through Professor Francis Oduor, Margaret Mulindi and the late Francis Imbuga,” he narrates his schooling journey.

Shot Stint At Kenya Airways,Photography With Mohammed Amin

Upon graduation, Maikuru secured a job as a flight attendant with leading Kenyan Airline ‘Kenya Airways’, however it was shot lived as he was among the lot that was axed when the airline started experiencing dwindling fortunes characterized by the Osama led Jihad bombings.

“I used to work with Acharya then I went to tours and travel, Kenya Airways and then after the Osama Bin Laden bomb last it was 2002 when we were phased out so from there I entered into photography under the initiative of Mohammed Amin the late who died in a plane crash in Ethiopia” he continues.


Tables Turning

Things took a drastic turn with the emergence of digital photography, he had no one to turn to as his then mentor Mohammed Amin had just died in a plane crash. Life had to go on no matter what and he found himself doing odd jobs which he had to embrace fully.

” I started doing photography business when digital came things phased me out then I started entering into odd jobs which I like because somebody told me the meaning of job is journey of business or journey of brokeness so it depends on your finances,” he adds.

Appealing For Support

The widely traveled Maikuru appeals for help in regaining his lost glory, the father of three whose wife walked out on him after starting an illicit affair with another man hopes that lady luck will come his way.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Team he sent word to his friends around the world to  come through for him or any well-wisher to provide him with a job opportunity.


By Steve Osaka


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